Major research interests:

1.       Processing mechanism for various craniofacial sensory informations in the brain stem.

2.       Peripheral neural mechanism for dental pain.

3.       Central mechanism for smooth and coordinated jaw movement in the brain stem.

4.       Processing of taste and smell.





Neural tracing, , 鿪ȭ , ̰ Ͽ, Ư ϴ neural circuit synaptic organization pattern м, Ǵ Ư neurotransmitters and receptors մϴ.


, ַ (electron microscopy, immunocytochemistry with immunogold, DAB, fluorescence, quantitative analysis, reconstruction), (intracellular recording), western blot, PCR մϴ.



Techniques usually used in our lab:


l         Neural tracing (tract tracing, single fiber recording and injection)

l         Electron microscopy (with serial sections)

l         Immunohistochemistry (pre- and post-embedding immunogold labeling)

l         Confocal microscopy (colocalization research)

l         Quantitative ultrastructural analysis (with serial section and image analyzing program)

l         Molecular biological techniques: Western blot, RT-PCR

l         Reconstruction of synapse





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